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On thursday the 16th of march it was Florences turn. After a bit of trouble with the train we arrived in Florence around 9 o’clock. The first thing on the program was   a tour around the city, the italian students provided us with some interesting facts about churches and squares. One of the thing we saw was the Piazza del Duomo, the Baptistery and th Kathredal. 

Next, a guided tour in Palazzo Vecchio. I discouvered that eventhough the outside looks like a fortress, the inside is beautifully decorated and looks like a real palace with all its riches. Later we got the chance to walk around the boboli gardens ourselves and visit Pallazo Pitti. This building houses many musea and we visites a few of them. Here you could see the change in art over a few centuries which I enjoyed to see. During lunch time we were free to choose where we wanted to eat. So Denise, Monica, Karlijn and me decided to sit down at a lovely restaurant and we ate a delicious lunch. After that the Uffizi Gallery was on the program. I was very excited to visit this gallery. But insteed of the beauties of the museum my peers rather wanted to see the inside of the h&m. But they did agree afterwards that they did see some pretty things. In the Uffizi Gallery we saw the famous paintings of Botticelli, the birth of Venus and the Allegory of spring. And now everybody knows how much I love this painting because I showed it quite cleary( I cried). After visiting the museum it was shopping time. That was loads of fun. After we regrouped it was time to head back to San Miniato ending this great and funfilled day.

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