Programma San Miniato 2018




Classes: 4 A & 4 B Turismo


10 March 2017 – 17 March 2018


Saturday 10 MARCH 2018

14.35                  Arrival of the Dutch students and teachers at Pisa Airport

14.40                  Transfer for San Miniato (Danti Coach)

15.15                  Arrival  of  the  Dutch  students  and  teachers  in San Miniato (Piazza Eufemi)

Meeting  with  the  Italian  students  and  the  host families


Day with the host families


Sunday 11 MARCH 2018

Day with the host families


Monday 12 MARCH 2018

8.30                 Departure for Siena (Coach tour)

10.00                Arrival in Siena

Visit of the city guided by the Italian students

(Walking tour):

Piazza del Campo, Palazzo Pubblico, The Civic

Museum, Torre del Mangia, The Cathedral.

12.00                Packed Lunch and free time

13.30                Departure for San Gimignano

14.00                Visit of the city guided  by the Italian

students (Walking tour):Piazza del Duomo, the Cathedral, The Chapel of Santa Fina, Piazza della Cisterna, the Town Hall, The Civic Museum, The Art Gallery, Torre Grossa,

Palazzo del Podestà, La Rognosa, The Church of

Sant’Agostino, The Fort.

16.30                Departure from San Gimignano

17.30                Arrival in San Miniato ( Piazza Eufemi)


Tuesday 13 MARCH 2018

8.00                 Arrival at school

8.10                  Tour of the school guided by the Italian students

9.00                 National Anthems (Italy-The Netherlands- the EU)

Welcoming speech by the Principal, Mr Alessandro Frosini

Video My School

The   Italian   students   will   relate   about   “San Miniato:        Art,        History        and        Cultural Heritage.(website)


9.45-13.00           Visit of San Miniato (Walking tour guided by the Italian students):

12.00                 Meeting with the Mayor of San Miniato at the Town Hall

Presentation of the Website and Games

13.00                 Packed Lunch

14.30-16.30            Workshop : The Italian students will relate about their research work ( San Gimignano, Siena, Florence).

Each group (composed of Dutch and Italian students) will  create a folder with the best photos of the first two days of the exchange.

Videos:“The Cultural Exchange in the Netherlands”

Dinner and Evening with the host families


Wednesday 14 MARCH 2018

9.00                Arrival at “ Pista di Atletica” Fontevivo , San Miniato Basso

9.00-12.00           Sports Activities and Sports  Games(Italy-The


End of programme

20.00               Dinner for Italian and Dutch teachers and students at the pizzeria “Locanda San Lorenzo”, Ponte a Egola.


Thursday 15 MARCH 2018

8.24(San Miniato)

8.18 (San Romano) Departure for Florence from San Miniato Station

9.07-10.15            Visit  of  the  city  (Walking  tour  guided  by  the  Italian students): Piazza del Duomo, the Baptistery, The Cathedral, Brunelleschi’s Dome, Giotto ‘s Bell Tower.

Dutch and Italian students

10.15-11.30 Second  Group

Walking tour guided by the Italian students  : Piazza della

Signoria, Palazzo della Signoria, La Loggia dei Lanzi,  Ponte


Second Group :

Dutch students

9.30-10.15  First Group

Walking tour guided by the Italian students  : Piazza della

Signoria,  Piazza della Signoria ,La Loggia dei Lanzi  Ponte


Italian Students

10.30 First Group    Boboli Gardens
11.45 (12.00)  Second Group Pitti Palace –

12.15 (12.30) First Group Pitti Palace –

13.00 Second Group Boboli Gardens

15.00               Free time in  Via Calzaioli, Via Roma, Piazza della Repubblica,  Via Tornabuoni

17.00               Meeting in Piazza del Duomo ( in front of the cathedral)

(17.38)              Departure from Florence Station

(18.19)              Arrival in San Miniato Station

Dinner with the host families


Friday 16 MARCH 2018


8.30                Workshop : The Dutch students will relate about their research work.


Games: Kahoot- NetherTuscanopoly–Discovering San Miniato

Each group (composed of Dutch and Italian students) will

create a video about a  specific day of the Cultural Exchange in Tuscany by using the photos taken during the week.

Each group  (composed of  Dutch and Italian students) will

show their video

13.30               End of programme

18.30               Meeting  for Italian and Dutch students and  Italian teachers in order to organize the evening

19.00               Dinner  in San Miniato “Sala della Misericordia” (for Dutch

and Italian teachers and students and the Headmaster)


Saturday 16 MARCH 2018

Day with the host families

12.00  Departure of the Dutch students and teachers for Pisa

Airport from San Miniato

15.15                      Departure of the Dutch students and teachers from Pisa

















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