Espoo day 1

7 march 2020

Saturday is the day we went to Finland. I was really excited about the trip. Finally I was going to meet my exchange student (Sonja). After the airplane landed we went straight to the exchange students. They waited for us and we all couldn’t wait to see each other. My exchange student (Sonja) took me this weekend to the farm that her parents owned. It was pretty big with a lot of horses there. We talked the whole day till we fall asleep. Her family is very nice to me and everyone made me feel like home. Sunday I got a tour on the farm and enjoyed the sauna they had there. Together we tried some typical Finnish food like chocolate and some other drinks. Of course I really liked it there. After we went back to Espoo a friend of mine (Kim) and her exchange student (Merette) came and together we chilled and talked for a long time. In those 2 days I already learned so much about Finland. Monday was the first day we went to the school. It was so big with a lot of floors. The first thing we had to do was take our shoes off. We got a schooltour and a nice introduction. My first impression of the school was positive. It was so big and colorful. I joined the two lessons Finnish and health care. We tried the food we got on school and it wasn’t that bad at all. 12 am we left with the bus to the sauna. The place was also very big and the food there was free so it was basically heaven. The sauna was a succes and at 16:00 we arrived back at the school. 

Made by: Tamara aan de Wiel

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