Espoo day 2

Today we went to the Finnish school for the second time this week. I had to follow 2 classes of math. We got some healthy school food. Later that day I went With my exchange student (Merette) and the rest to Helsinki. We visited a museum. They’re were 3 floors in general. On the first floor we saw some nature videos and pictures. The second floor was bigger than the others. We learned about the bacteria on the body parts. The last but not least was the 3th floor on this floor we saw a scary video about a guy at the airport security that removed body parts. We ate something at the place Hesburger. It tasted so good it was delicious. Also we went to the public libary and took some photos of the nice view. There was a big church in Helsinki we visited the place and listened to some beautiful music. Fazer caffee is like heaven we orderd some chocolate cake and I bought also a chocolatebar for my family. They will probably like it so much as I did. We took the train and bus back home and thats how today went.
Made by: Tamara, kim and Britt

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